You either shut down or you grow – galleries that take risks


In the midst of an economic and political crisis, when many cultural organizations are trying to cut costs by reducing their staff, the spaces they use and other administrative costs, another phenomenon is being noticed in London. In just a few weeks, small and medium-sized galleries have seemingly increased costs by moving from fringe areas to Central London. In Fitzrovia, one of the most expensive neighborhoods, in a matter of days more than 10 galleries are established, collaborating with each other and starting to share large common spaces. There are also examples such as “PM/AM”, which moves to a new central location, in a three-story building, offering a traditional gallery, lobby and print studio. On September 14, in Mayfair, “Grimm” galleries, which also have representations in Amsterdam and New York, open for the first time in Central London. Soho and Notting Hill also enjoy a greater number of gallery spaces.

Will they go bankrupt, or will they grow? You can learn about it from the article in our #culturalpolicies rubrics.

photo: Indigo + Madder

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