The Energy crisis and the Cultural sector


The energy crisis that Europe is going through has not missed the cultural sector either, which is why the Network of European Museum Organizations (NEMO) has published the first mapping of the effect of increased prices on museum organizations on the continent. The study focuses on 16 countries, mostly from Central and Western Europe.

The mapping is the result of the sector’s concern that in the autumn and winter there will be unprecedented difficulties for museum organizations, which for two years have been struggling with the consequences of the Covid-19 measures and the decreasing number of audiences. For most of them, investments in new energy infrastructure and energy efficiency are doomed. Forecasts in the field of museum work show potential new restrictions on working hours in order to save energy costs, and even closing museums entirely. Taking this into consideration, NEMO calls on decision-makers to increase the operational budget of museum organizations and to set aside a separate fund for improving their energy efficiency.

You can learn more about the initiative from the article in our #culturalpolicies rubrics.

Photo: Pixabay

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