“A25/2022” is a project created by A25 Cultural Foundation, which was launched at the beginning of 2022, with the support of the “One-Year Grant for 2021”of the National Culture Fund, Bulgaria. During the course of the project our organization aims to:

  1. Increase the organizational capacity of the team;
  2. Increase the quality and develop the scope of its activities;
  3. Expand its partnerships internationally.

In this regard, A25’s unique one-year program is comprised of three strategic directions: development of the administrative capacity and sustainability; development of artistic activities; and development of international networks and collaborations.

According to them, throughout the project, A25 will focus on retaining its permanent team; attract external experts for some activities; develop an independent internship program for students from the fields of humanitarian studies, arts, cultural studies and media; continue the video-series “Behind the curtain” and the rubrics #culturalpolicies; participate in partner events, organize meetings with potential partners, etc.

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