#CulturalPolicies 2


In 2022, A25 Cultural Foundation, together with the Informational Portal of NGOs in Bulgaria continues their work on the rubrics #culturalpolicies, the purpose of which is to bring awareness on key decisions, processes, and policies from Bulgaria and around the world.

Culture is not a luxury good, but a right and a need for everyone, as well as a building block for a righteous and knowledge-based society – that is why knowing what happens with it and how it is managed is essential.  Therefore, in order to benefit its audience , #culturalpolicies aims to highlight and contextualize what is significant and interesting on the NGO portal’s website and in its newsletter.

The series started in 2021, with the support of Sofia Municipality. In 2022 it is implemented under the “A25/2022” project, financed by the “One-Year Grant 2021” program of National Culture Fund, Bulgaria.

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