#CulturalPolicies 1

Банер на рубриката Културниполитики

On July 13, under the initiative of A25 Cultural Foundation and in collaboration with the Informational Portal for NGOs in Bulgaria, the rubrics #culturalpolicies was launched. On the e-pages of the portal, it discusses key decisions, processes, and policies from Bulgaria and around the world, important not only for the professionals in the sector, but also for the well-being of all of us as citizens.

The rubrics is implemented with the support of Sofia Municipality and it is currently the only one that presents concentrated content in Bulgaria, dedicated to cultural policies.

The rubrics consists of 14 topics:

The necessity of data management in the performing arts

A new step towards a comprehensive foreign cultural policy in the EU

Artists, communities, and places – the untapped resources of local networks

Where do culture and climate change meet?

A museum visit…prescribed by the doctor

Internship Program for Politicians at the Museum

Why art education is important in school and in life

How the pandemic has affected our cultural consumption and what comes next

Culture and the arts for a “greener” future

Expectations for culture and the creative sector in post-pandemic Europe

The G-20 established the Rome Declaration

Culture in the National Plan for Recovery and Sustainability

How were the status and working conditions of those employed in the cultural sector affected

How does the heart of Europe beat

To benefit its audience, #culturalpolicies will highlight and contextualize what is relevant and interesting both through the NGO portal, and through its newsletter for 5 months.