ILLUSIONS by Ivan Viripaev is back on stage


On December 4, at 19:00, the premiere of the renewed stage version of the show “Illusions”, based on the play by the world-known playwright Ivan Viripaev will be performed in “Azaryan” Theatre. The director of the performance is Mladen Alexiev, and the cast includes: Elena Dimitrova, Neda Spasova, Vasil Chitanov and Velislav Pavlov.

“Illusions” was staged for the first time by Mladen Alexiev in 2013 at the “Sfumato” Theatre, and the translation of the play in Bulgarian was done especially for the needs of the production by the renowned translators of contemporary drama – Neva Micheva.

A25 Cultural Foundation’s team took care of the communications of the show when it was first staged, and now we are once again delighted to assist with the PR for the media and the audience.

ILLUSIONS by Ivan Viripaev

Translation: Neva Micheva
Director: Mladen Alexiev
Stage design and costumes: Evgenia Sorbeva
Original soundtrack: Kalin Nikolov
Cast: Elena Dimitrova, Neda Spasova, Vasil Chitanov, Velislav Pavlov
In the video episodes: Vanya Mihailova, Yulia Kaludova, Ruscho Tikhov, Hristo Butsev, Tanya Zagorova, Alexander Mihovski
Operators: Boryana Pandova, Ivan Donchev
Graphic design: What if… / Kontur Creative
Communication: Ina Dublekova, Kremena Hristova (A25 Cultural Foundation)
Coordinator: Slavena Zaikova
Production of Quiet space in co-production with Azaryan Theatre, National Palace of Culture

Special thanks to Angelina Georgieva and Ina Valchanova.
The performance is made possible thanks to the financial support of the National Culture Fund under the “One-year program” to support private professional organizations in the field of arts 2020 in partnership with Resonator – a hub for shared innovation, Concept Studio and Kontur Creative.

The translation of the play, as well as the first performance of the show, were financed by the Municipality Program “Culture” for 2013.

The video episodes were made with the assistance of Concept Studio, New Actors Studio, SBAL (eng: Specialised Hospital for Active Treatment) Ioan Pavel, and Hotel Zenith.