Useful questions for a comprehensive policy that attracts audiences into museums


This is the summary of the result of a recent study among a group of Finnish museums, dedicated precisely to the necessity to develop a comprehensive policy for attracting and engaging audiences. Published in the form of a manual or even a checklist, it helps museums structure their guidelines and mechanisms for working with audiences, according to their own specifics. Its goal is to lead them to socially, culturally, ecologically, and economically sustainable development, to increase their impact, and to engage more and more people in the field of cultural heritage.

The handbook is built on a series of questions on various topics, derived from a survey by KAMU Espoo City Museum among a wide range of Finnish museums in the period 2021-2022, reflecting current processes and changes both in museum work and in the global order since this period.

Although it is mainly aimed at museums, the handbook can be freely applied to other types of cultural institutes that wish to prepare a comprehensive strategy for working with their audience, helping them to carry out their daily activities, to observe and consider the reactions of visitors themselves, to better organize the services and content they offer. All this, however, in accordance with their available resources.

The entire document is published here and working with it favors a better positioning of museums, their expertise, and multi-layered functions in society. However, it is also a great tool not only for creating a comprehensive policy for working with audiences, but also for checking the status and perceptions among the various units in the cultural institutes.

You can learn more about it from the article in our #culturalpolicies rubrics.

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