Mind your language, or how to work under political pressure


Long-term trends in the cultural sector and in the Bulgarian media, incl. the last election for the director of the national television since the summer of this year, have given us an occasion to ask ourselves this question, and in order to answer it, we look around and realize its relevance to an even greater extent. The topic was brought up quite prominently during the 31st Annual Meeting of Culture Publications, organized by Eurozine magazine, which, together with its special guests, debated tactics and the application of professional standards in an environment, signified with a certain pressure.

There are four participants in the forum, held in July this year: Lukaś Fila (Slovakia), the director of one of the most well-known independent online media Denník N., created with the joint efforts of 50 other fellow journalists; Andreas Fjoldes, from Budapest, currently co-founder of Telex.hu, after leaving the Index.hu media group with 90 of his colleagues in the summer; Anna Lengel, playwright and translator, director of the only documentary theater in Hungary, guest lecturer at the University of Theater and Cinema; Boris Vezjak, philosopher and lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Maribor, Slovenia. They present their models of individual and institutional response to political interference in their work as journalists, academics and artists.

You can learn more about the debate from the article in our #culturalpolicies rubrics.

Photo: Pixabay

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