А25 2.0

визия на проект А25 2.0

The “A25 2.0” project was launched in December 2020. Its goal is to provide a greater variety of cultural content in Bulgarian media, as well as to develop the team capacity in the field of cultural policies and economic activity.

An important highlight in “A25 2.0” is the start of the collaborative video series “Behind the curtain” with Jasmin.bg, a digital magazine for culture. In six episodes, we share with you the process of creating different cultural events in the country. The rubrics was launched both in Bulgarian and English, in order to shorten the distance between the artists and the audience, drawing them in a preliminary conversation with each other.

Make sure you watch::

Episode 1: Episode 1: Behind the Curtain with Sasha Goetzel and Sergey Redkin

Episode 2: Behind the Curtain with “Hidden Letters”

Episode 3: Behind the curtain with Elena Shopova and Shadows under the magnifying glass

Episode 4: Behind the Curtain with Paula Rosolen

Episode 5: Behind the Curtain of “Vincent Meets Rembrandt”

Episode 6: Behind the Scenes of Culturology studies

“A25 2.0” project is financially supported by the One-year program of the National Culture Fund, that aims to contribute to private professional organizations in the field of arts. In 2020, its pilot edition was launched, in which over 300 non-governmental organizations took part, seeking support of over BGN 25 million.

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