Launching SIRIUS4all


Sofia, Copenhagen, Berlin, Perugia, Piazza Armerina-Sicily: We cannot wait to collaborate!

We are so excited to have received funding from the European Union under the CREA-CULT-COOP 2023 program – Partners from Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, and Italy are ready to deep dive into their explorative arts project SIRIUS4all.

The project aims to investigate the possibility of a next narrative for a “Europe” in critical times – a narrative that includes instead of excludes, one that creates trust, hope, and perspectives, one that decolonizes.

SIRIUS4all aims to create a platform for migrant and refugee artists to create and circulate their works, reflecting their encounter with “Europe” and exploring the interconnectedness and relatedness of “new” and “old” Europeans.

SIRIUS4all will engage artists from different artistic disciplines throughout the project, which will span over the next two years.

The consortium of the project consists of diverse cultural organizations reflecting various cultural and creative sectors as well as different expertise in collaborative project design.

The partners for the project are: Freeartus from Germany, CKI from Denmark, A25 from Bulgaria, and Luoghi Comuni from Italy.

We are just getting started, so stay tuned for more updates soon!